A New Google Quality Rating Scorecard + Top 2024 SEO Tips

Hi SEO Super-Friends,

As you may know, last year, I started working as a Google Quality Rater. I believe raters' work influences Google's algorithm more than most people think, and I wanted to understand exactly how they work.

It's been super SEO-educational.

Now, SEO clients occasionally ask for a "Quality" audit of their website. To do this, we created a Google Quality Rating Scorecard based 100% on Google's Rater Guidelines.

Even better, we're making it publicly available. Use it to evaluate your own site or even client sites in accordance with Google's Rater Guidelines. Here's the post:

Introducing the Google Page Quality Rating Scorecard

And because you already subscribe to this newsletter, here's a link if you want to download it directly.

Top 5 SEO Tips This Week

1) Google releasing massive search quality enhancements in March 2024 core update and multiple spam updates

We owe Barry Swartz a huge thanks for this comprehensive overview of all the massive Google updates this week + the insider information provided. Includes: Helpful Content/Core Update, Spam Update, Scaled Content Abuse (AI spam) Update, Expired Domain Update, and Site Reputation (Parasite SEO) Update. Whew!

2) Everything Google Lied to Users About

A terrific deck from Michael King with lots of actionable SEO tips, including a Content Pruning workbook to assist in HCU recovery and lots more.

3) Top SEO Tips for 2024 — Whiteboard Friday

The great Crystal Carter nails it in this massive list of SEO tips in a new Whiteboard Friday for 2024. Yep, it's all about AI strategies.

4) Email is the Most Consistent, Reliable Marketing Channel on the Web and I Can Prove It

Okay, this isn't an SEO post, but with all the shakeups at Google, maybe you should consider diversifying your traffic sources. Plus, our friend Rand Fishkin wrote it, so 10+ points right there.

5) How to check if Google properly renders your JavaScript content?

Honestly, a quick JavaScript check should be part of any good SEO audit. This up-to-date and easy-to-understand guide by Tomasz Rudzki is one of the best you'll read.

Best of luck with your SEO!


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